Creating music and media that touches the hearts of people, using influence to accomplish change!!!

Chozen is a Christian lyricist born in the city of Detroit, Michigan, where several world renowned music celebrities and artists were birthed. Chozen comes from a city and culture with a rich heritage, thus giving even more strength to his name. Chozen began his career as a lyricist in 2011, when he was called to reach others through music, especially his peers. After experiencing firsthand the effects of the negative messages that secular hip-hop artists promoted, Chozen realized that music is not meant to be destructive, it is meant to inspire. It reaches the soul and mind of its listener and as a result produces certain behaviors, moods and emotions. By using his God-given talent, he was inspired to create music with a positive message. Chozen decided to make a difference by becoming the difference. Chozen has used his gift as a lyricist not only throughout the city of Detroit but in many other cities in Michigan. He has ministered in Inkster, Michigan at a “Stop the Violence” event, Southfield and Wayne, Michigan at church concerts, and Jackson, MI as a mentor to troubled youth. Chozen has been interviewed and showcased on Detroit’s very own 1440 AM radio station as well as on WYSZ 89.3 FM, a radio station in Toledo, Ohio. Chozen was a featuring artist for several concerts and has helped to raise money for benefits concerts along with giving to the homeless. He strongly believes that it is more blessed to give than to receive. Having produced several gospel tracks of his own, Chozen released his first music video collaboration with his good friend, whom is also his cousin Kwa. The single/video entitled “Hallelujah” created an instant spark for the viewers and listeners and also in the music careers of Kwa and Chozen. It led to not only their entrepreneurial partnership, but also led to the upcoming release of the album entitled “World Changers”. Together Kwa and Chozen stand on the belief that at the end of the day, it’s more than just music, it’s ministry!
Kwa iKwa is a hip-hop artist born in the beautiful, but often viewed as gutter city of Detroit Michigan. He believes that music has a heavy influence over the youth and the communities all over the world. He recognized the importance of being different from the average rapper and rap with an actual cause. He creates positive, uplifting, and motivational music that never compromises who he is or what he believes.
Kwa has done shows all over the metro Detroit area including performing live on TCT Network, the Downtown Detroit Fireworks, The Upper Room, and opening for Da Truth and Andy Mineo at Greater Dreams Church. Kwa has held several benefit concerts for people in need, believing that no matter what is given to him, it's more important to give back. He has also traveled doing shows in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Jackson, Michigan, and Toledo, Ohio to name a few.        Growing up, Kwa was misled by rappers and several other bad role models. The only thing that mattered to him was money but not because that’s what actually mattered but because that’s what he was programmed to think. All he could think of was how could he get it fast and get more of it! This love for money took him down a criminal path that ended in a three year incarceration. It wasn't until he suffered from pain, lost, and hard times that he realized he was called to do more than make sweet sounding music that influenced kids negatively. He was called to create good music that will empower communities, promote God, motivate the hopeless and ultimately change the world. 
  In the summer of 2012, he answered the call. Kwa released his first "gospel" album entitled "CHURCH" and it grew a quick buzz in the Detroit area. "Church" was his testimony and he was elated to be able to share it through his passion, which is music!! Kwa responded with this statement in a recent interview about his career, "God delivered me from the streets so that I would be able to go back to the streets and help others who need deliverance.” 
  He lost time when he was in prison and he lost friends to the same lifestyle. This lifestyle that he was able to escape from helped him gain a personal relationship with God. His mission now is clearer than ever. The mission is to infiltrate the music/media field and flood it with positivity. Flood it with God's love and reassure people that no matter what your background is, no matter what you've done or the mistakes you've made, God can and will use you. Kwa is a living example of that. 
Every song that is written by Kwa is from the heart. Every lyric that rolls off his tongue is spoken with passion, and every concert that he hosts is a benefit. He believes that if he is able to touch just one person that he can inspire that person to touch someone else, creating a cycle that can change a nation. To Kwa it's more than just music, it's a ministry!!! 
Sharon Washington is a God-fearing, gospel soloist, who is a devoted wife and mother of two beautiful children. She is the daughter of both parent pastors & began singing at the age of 7 years old as the lead singer in her church’s choir. In June of 2011, Sharon became the founder of a young-adult bible study group called the F. A. N. Club (Faith, Anointing, and New-Life Club) in answer to the call to teach God’s Word. The F.A.N. Club is still thriving today, with the purpose to build the hearts and minds of young adults, while encouraging closer relationships with Christ.

Among the many God-given talents that she has acquired, rests her anointing to sing. Sharon has been privileged to sing at several occasions, including weddings, funerals, church anniversaries & revivals in the Metropolitan Detroit Area. Her journey in ministry, has also afforded her the opportunity to minister further with her husband, under the Touch 1 Records Label. Of her most recent work, she is a featuring artist on the track entitled, “Casting Stones” of the World Changers album and has created her very own piece, “Forever Yours”. “Forever Yours” is a special rendition with her husband Richard Washington Jr. (Chozen) as a featuring artist, the track is a heartwarming reminder of God’s unfailing, unconditional, and timeless love. Ultimately, Sharon has strived in her efforts in ministry with the humble desire to bless others around her and simply glorify our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
Myss Outlet is an aspiring singer/songwriter from Detroit, Michigan who creates gospel music. She sings for God, with hopes of spreading the gospel to the world through song. Myss Outlet has a soulful sound that blends well with her rhythmical flow.
  Music and dance has always been a strong passion of hers. In her younger years she sung lead alto in the recording choir "Testimony 'N' Praise", and they performed all over the Detroit area spreading the gospel. As a solo artist she has had the opportunity of performing at the upper room, greater dreams church, and other concerts and programs dedicated to the youth around the metro Detroit and aToledo area.
Myss Outlet has recorded several songs with her husband and label mate Kwa. "Breakthrough", "Last Day" and "Super Rich" to name a few. She is also featured on Kwa and Chozen's new album, displaying her soulful voice and rhythmical flow on the single "World Changer".
  Myss Outlet is currently working diligently on her EP entitled "Spoken Word". This will be her first solo project and it is due for release in the year of 2017 by indie label, Touch 1 Records. Some singers sing with pride, others sing with attitude, but Myss Outlet sings with purpose!


Kwa and Chozen create music that has an intangible pull on the human spirit. The music created is embellished with an overwhelming passion and lyrics that pour from the heart, and as a result they bring a unique and edgy sound to the up and coming genre of Christian rap. 
  Their debut album "World Changers" is set for release in june 2016. These two gospel rappers are on a spirit led mission in hopes of impacting the communities, the people, and the world through song. Kwa and Chozen have had the opportunity to engage in radio interviews on 1440am and their song "Hallelujah" has been played on both AM and FM stations. They performed live on TCT Network and have done several benefit concerts, one in which they brought a community together and helped raise money for a young woman who is battling cancer. 
Kwa and Chozen have performed at several churches and events surrounding the Detroit and Toledo Area. They believe that if they're able to touch one person then they can influence that person to want to do the same to someone else,