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by worldchangers
Did you know that the only person that can stop you, is you? The enemy attacks us at every angle but even he knows that he can't stop you. His method is to get you to stop yourself, so DON'T QUIT!! On your journey the advisary will place huge road blocks directly in your path hoping to stop you from entering into your destiny. When you focus on the road blocks it becomes easy to feel discouraged and essentially quit. But if you weren't so focused on the distraction (road blocks) then you would realize that you could simply go [...]


by worldchangers
Some problems can be avoided, but STORMS are impossible to avoid because those are out of our hands. In life you will sometimes have clear skies and other times you will have stormy weather. I'm not sure what your forecast is for today but if the winds begin to pick up don't stop believing in God. You were not meant to forget about God every time there is a sudden change in weather. Instead grow stronger in God, because when you do the storm seems like less of a flood and more like a raindrop.