Kwa and Chozen create music that has an intangible pull on the human spirit. The music created is embellished with an overwhelming passion and lyrics that pour from the heart and as a result they bring a unique and edgy sound to the up and coming genre of Christian rap. Earlier this year, Kwa and Chozen released their five track "World Changers" EP. The actual album will debut in the Winter of 2015. These two gospel rappers are on a spirit led mission in hopes of impacting the communities, the people, and the world through song. Kwa and Chozen have had the opportunity to engage in radio interviews on 1440am and their song "Hallelujah" has been played on both AM and FM stations. They performed live on TCT Network and have done several benefit concerts, one in which they brought a community together and helped raise money for a young woman who is battling cancer. Kwa and Chozen have performed at several churches and events surrounding the Detroit and Toledo Area. They believe that if they're able to touch one person then they can influence that person to want to do the same to someone else, creating a cycle that can change a nation. With every call they receive requesting that they come to minister, their response is always yes. Their intent in giving a favorable response of ìYesî is never for money or fame but only for the Glory of God, because to them it's more than just music, it's a ministry!